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loan offer on Nagoya, Japan free classifieds

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This ad posted on 2011-09-14 01:43:46.0.
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Are you looking for financial assistant, Are you looking for a Loan to enlarge your business? Do you need a bad credit Loan, A bad credit loan is a personal loan specifically designed for borrowers with poor credit ratings. You might have bad credit if you have previously defaulted on a loan or failed to meet credit card repayments. Though bad credit loans typically carry less favorable interest rates, they can be very helpful in terms of improving your credit history if you make repayments on time.our interest rate is very low to get any type of loan you may need please contact us today for more information at mailto:hungjingfinancialassistant@gmail.com BORROWERS APPLICATION FORM FILL AND RETURN
Full Names of Applicants:__________ _______ _________.
Loan Amount Requested: _______ _________.
Loan Duration: _______ _________.
Loan Purpose: _______ _________.
Address of Applicant: _______ _________ ______________.
Occupation: _______ _________.
City: _______ _________.
State: _______ _________.
Country: _______ _________.
Gender: _______ _________.
Age: _______ _________.
Mobile: _______ _________.
We look forward to a good relationship between you and Elite Loan Service.
Mr. Hung Jing

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