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World Classifieds News & Stories - Israel Ads

Publisher: YnetnewsFri, 27 Mar 2015 08:56:15 -0700
US city allows use of Palestinian-Hitler bus ad

Philadelphia's transit system won't appeal order to accept bus ads paid by pro-Israel group carrying tagline 'Jew Hatred: It's in the Quran'. Associated Press. Published: 03.27.15, 19:03 / Israel Jewish Scene. Philadelphia's transit system says it won ...   read full story

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Publisher: i24newsSat, 28 Mar 2015 23:33:45 -0700
Philadelphia buses to carry anti-Islamic ads read full story
Publisher: Santa Cruz SentinelFri, 27 Mar 2015 06:30:00 -0700
Transit system won't appeal order to allow Hitler bus ads read full story

Publisher: KING5.comWed, 18 Mar 2015 21:44:11 -0700
Court: Anti-Israel ad can be barred from Metro buses

The debate started in 2010 when the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign (SeaMAC), a non-profit organization who said its goal is to bring attention to Israeli-Palestinian relations, wanted to buy ad space to run on 12 Metro buses for four weeks ...   read full story

Publisher: Charisma NewsThu, 19 Mar 2015 06:46:06 -0700
Anti-Israel Ad Can Be Barred From Buses

In 2010, a non-profit group opposed to U.S. support for Israel proposed a bus ad that read: "ISRAELI WAR CRIMES YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK," along with a website address. The county originally flagged the ad as controversial, but decided it did not ...   read full story

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Publisher: i24newsThu, 19 Mar 2015 04:15:00 -0700
US court rules that Seattle buses can ban anti-Israel ads read full story
Publisher: Los Angeles TimesWed, 18 Mar 2015 13:38:18 -0700
Court rules Seattle did not violate free speech in rejecting anti-Israel ad read full story
Publisher: Shalom LifeThu, 19 Mar 2015 08:11:15 -0700
Seattle Allows Buses to Ban Anti-Israel Ads read full story
Publisher: AlgemeinerThu, 19 Mar 2015 04:16:05 -0700
Court Rules Seattle County Had the Right to Ban Anti-Israel Ad From Buses read full story

Publisher: Los Angeles TimesFri, 20 Mar 2015 05:05:48 -0700
The 1st Amendment and Israeli-Palestinian bus ads

The primary purpose of municipal buses is to transport passengers, not to serve as billboards on wheels. But if a transit agency decides to allow issue advertising on its vehicles, it shouldn't be able to pick and choose on the basis of the subject matter.   read full story

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Publisher: St. Louis Jewish LightFri, 20 Mar 2015 07:15:00 -0700
Appeals court supports rejection of anti-Israel ad on Seattle buses read full story
Publisher: Breitbart NewsFri, 20 Mar 2015 11:11:15 -0700
9th Circuit Upholds Ban on Bus Ads About Israeli-Palestinian Conflict read full story